In the globe of skating tools, where everything seemed to be stated and also done, a brand-new word has actually been spoken by Edea The distinguished Italian maestro of skating boots has actually surprised its followers with yet one more work of art: EDEA PIANO. These freshly created skating boots represent a mix of appeal, performance as well as hi-tech entering line with the contemporary trend in sporting activities tools manufacturing.

Edea Piano are the boots created with winning in mind. They are meant to be used by high-level skaters performing three-way as well as quad leaps, in addition to, complicated mixes where pressure, speed, abilities and ambition are a must. The Piano are officially one of the most highly advanced boots by Edea. The focus of the Piano designers was positioned on application of hi-tech products and also enhancement of crucial structural aspects of the skatesĀ hence making it possible for the skater to show better efficiency. The following brand-new functions of Edea Piano enable better pressure, speed and maneuver capability on the ice:

New anti-shock system is used in Edea Piano boots containing two layers of NOENE advanced anti-shock material. One layer of the hi-tech unique function product covers the entire bottom location of the boot sole while the various other one is placed on the top of the sole making certain dual anti-shock protection. These anti-shock layers absorb the effect created by jumping and navigating on the ice as well as minimise ice-surface vibrations providing added defense for your knees, joints as well as muscles. By removing negative vibrations the Edea Piano boots will certainly safeguard you from overtraining injuries, provide you additional security as well as control over your skating moves as well as supply a firm base for effective leaps and precise landings. Allow the Eldea Piano boots take all the pressure as well as anxiety while you could concentrate on your skating method.

Ergonomic style. The Edea Piano boots include a number of innovative design solutions intended at enhancement of skating performance. The boots are manufactured of enhanced brand-new generation materials to be incredibly light and solid. Extra stitching is used on the boots for added resilience. The heel lock is created to correspond to the natural foot curve hence permitting a snug suitable as well as additional security when walking around the rink. The Edea Piano boots are provided with state-of-the-art nylon and fiberglass insoles including anti-shock heel inserts which also add to the extraordinary sense of convenience as well as all-natural fit of the boot. The soles and heels of the Edea Piano boots were particularly made to boost the rate and also stability of the skater. In Edea Piano boots the waterproof soles are made thinner compared to in routine boots resulting in the change of the center of gravitational force and therefore improved controllability. The heels are made to offer extra debt to their large curve covering more than a fifty percent of the sole. Edea Piano boots were indicated to feel as natural as a part of one’s body permitting the skater to express the entire possibility of skill and also power.

Additional convenience. The Edea programmers have actually gone an extra mile to make the Piano an apotheosis of convenience. The Edea Piano boots are geared up with the Edea patented hooks placed with comfort in mind that makes them simple to shoelace as well as makes sure protected leg addiction. The shoelaces are tightened to supply better tongue seats. The tongue is done baseding on the leg composition giving the a lot needed comfort as well as assistance when flexing for jumps as well as transitions. The lining of the tongue as well as the within the boots is constructed from innovative perforated AIR TECHNOLOGY product. Additional extra padding is put in the ankle joint area to ensure a far better grasp over the foot along with the maximum comfort. Because of its perforation the extra padding absorbs and releases the wetness permitting your legs to breath during the intense exercises. The form of the boot is designed to offer merely sufficient additional room for toe activities so you will not feel stiffened as well as protect flexibility for difficult efficiencies. The lining of the Edea Piano boots is constructed from viscoelastic memory foam which makes sure ideal fit of the skates. This thermoformable product creates an one-of-a-kind mold within the boots according to the shape of your foot, making them fit like a glove. The Edea Piano boots are designed to become your primary everlasting sport companion and fortunate beauty for the boldest ventures.

Special design. The unequaled performance functions of the Edea Piano boots are ingeniously incorporated with their spotless style. The finesse of Italian style is reflected in noble lines as well as excellent simplicity of the Piano design. There are 7 openings on each boot designed as a metaphoric representation of the 7 notes of a music range. The piano metaphor is more continued by 7 attractive Swarovski crystals put in the side of each Edea Piano boot making them easily identifiable. The elegant hillside contour, the aerial fashionable look as well as the shimmering of Swarovski crystals make the Edea Piano boots a perfect choice of sports devices where aesthetics as well as objective are gladly mixed.

Additional benefits:

VERY LIGHT. Agility has been the Edea rule via several years of its company record. In connection with skating boots Edea specifies agility as a synonym of much better performance. That is why application of sophisticated extra light metals is among the main concepts of Edea manufacturing technique. The Edea Piano boots are made with using net as well as microfiber. These high profile products were specially picked to make the Piano as light as well as long lasting as possible. The Piano boots weigh only 6 lbs! Currently, the Edea Piano is one of the lightest versions of ice skatesĀ supplied on the globe market.

WATERPOOF SOLES. The soles of the Edea Piano boots are constructed from light waterproof material to make sure optimum convenience of the skaters. Absolutely nothing will sidetrack you from your skating technique.

PROTECT MOUNTING. All Edea boots consisting of the Piano design are given with premade openings for blade installing. The holes are assigned for blade mounting with unique double helix screws. This reinvented system permits to mount the blades in a much more safe and secure and also lasting manner which will certainly save you time and also initiative in the long term.

PRACTICAL SIZE GRAPH. For your benefit the Edea Piano boots are produced with 5 mm. increments per size in 4 widths: B (narrow), C (specification), D (large), E (additional vast).

2 shades of the Piano are available: black (sizes 225-310) and also white (dimensions 225-280).

The Edea Piano are a best remedy for those skaters that need added lightness, stability as well as catalyst for extensive practices. The Piano are the most recent innovative item of EDEA one of the greatest gamers in this market area. Although the Piano boots have actually merely been introduced in springtime 2016 they have actually already discovered quite a bunch of fans and also won many positive evaluations. You have an opportunity to experience the advantages of the Piano boots on your own! The Edea Piano boots are now readily available at FIGURESKATINGSTORE.COM.